Bottle unscrambler without air HBS

The principle of the bottle unscrambler –
high efficiency in a small space

Instead of air, we make use of mechanics. Bottles can be unscrambled and positoned correctly by a simple wheel. You can benefit of reduced noice and low-energy consumption. High-capacity and qualified-for-cleanroom cabins make your choice right.

Separating and alignment of bottles

Sorting system for:

square and round bottles / plastic / stable products

  • Discharge without air supply
  • Feeding of bottles as bulk material
  • Correctly positioned outfeed for further processing
  • Integrated ion technology to avoid static electricity build-up
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact design

Standard design: Pharmaceutical standard  

Special designs are possible

FAS (with air)HBS (without air)
Processing areafrom 5 ml up to 500 ml, depends on the product shape
Diameter900 / 1,200 mm
special sizes are possible (product-dependent)
Capacityup to 400 pieces/min. depends on product-size
Direction of rotationvariable
Applicationline-component or standalone
Transport tobunker feeding / elevator
Transport fromconveyor belt with mechanic outward transfer
Functionsminimal / maximum regularisation
Further product characteristicsround and stable, plastic (request for different materials)round and stable, plastic (request for different materials)
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