Light table


  • Quick Visual Inspection
  • mobile and compact design
  • Detection of defects and contamination


bottles / cans / vials

Standard design: Pharmaceutical standard

Special designs are possible

Working height900mm +/- 40mm
Working surface600mm x 390mm
LightingDimming by potentiometer (black)
Regulation of brightness: 5 up to 100%

Energy-saving and flickerless

Nominal heat development

Daylight 6500° K

Luminance density: 2,500 up to 22,000cd/m2

Power connection: 120V / 60Hz with Nema 5 plugin
Further product characteristicsDiffusing panel made of acrylic glass (frosted glass), 3mm
Removing disk made of toughened safety glass, 6mm

Flush, chamfered edge, slurred weldseam

IP 54 spray protected

EnclosedAssembly manual

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