PRU (Product Rambler Unit)

Vertical / ascending transport solution

The PRU is the gentle feeding solution for syringes. Round belts are used to separate syringes for further processing

Gentle feeding system for syringes, with separating function

The principle of plate conveyors

Manually or via a conveyor belt, the syringes are fed to the plate conveyor as bulk material. Cascade-like plates convey the syringes upwards, where they are separated by round belts. Suspended, they are transported for further processing.

  • gentle transport of syringes
  • Separation by means of a round belt
  • low noise
  • Compatible with machines for further processing: cleaning, labeling, inspection, packaging
  • faster format change
  • Conveying system for: glass and plastic injection


Standard design: Pharmaceutical standard

Special designs are possible

Width1,000 mm
Working height900 mm +/- 50 mm
DriverThree-phase current
Direction of rotationvariable
Capacityup to 24,000 syringes/hour
FeetFoot / foot with bracket
Processing area5 ml – 100 ml

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